Who we are

The Euro-BioImaging Industry Board (EBIB) is a platform for Biological and Biomedical Imaging companies established with the goal to strengthen the standing of imaging industry in Europe. The Board focuses on facilitating the interaction between imaging industry, European researchers and imaging facilities linked to Euro-BioImaging.

Close relationship to Euro-BioImaging opens the door to current trends in usage of imaging technologies and products, organization of joint training programs and common lobbying activities. Closer interaction of industry with research communities thus boosts innovation in biomedical sciences and strengthens the position of companies which can accelerate to new developments on the market.

Board membership is open to all companies working in bio- and medical-imaging field.

Euro-BioImaging is the pan-European Research Infrastructure for Imaging Technologies in Biological and Biomedical Science. It is an open access resource for all life scientists providing:

• Access to biological and medical imaging technologies in Europe
• Image data repositories and analysis tools
• Training opportunities in imaging

The Euro-BioImaging Industry Board is the bridge between imaging industry, researchers and imaging facilities. Close relationship with Euro-BioImaging is opening the door to up-to-date information about current trends in imaging technologies, organisation of joint training programs and common lobbying activities