Who we are

The rationale

Imaging-associated companies and life scientists have the same goal – to address the needs of research. The ability to achieve research goals depends on the availability of suitable products; from large imaging instruments to cameras, lenses, dyes, software and hardware. It is therefore essential that researchers and imaging facility staff have a clear, transparent and trusted channel to a wide range of companies in the field. This informs the companies about the current trends in research, thereby supporting the development of the necessary tools and materials needed for research to progress. With this realisation, the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board formed; with the overarching aim to identify and solve the needs of the wider Euro-BioImaging community, thus allowing research to flow.

The mission

The Euro-BioImaging Industry Board is a platform for Biological and Biomedical Imaging companies to communicate and collaborate with the wider Euro-BioImaging community with the goal of strengthening imaging research in Europe. 

In practice

Board membership is open to all companies working in bio- and medical-imaging field. The Board members currently consist of a range of companies in the field of imaging, joined together by their recognition of the importance working closely with the open access infrastructure, Euro-BioImaging, to strengthening imaging research in Europe. By working as a single, professional entity the Board sets its own goals to proactively drive the interaction between the imaging industry, European researchers and the imaging facilities linked Euro-BioImaging. Close relationship to Euro-BioImaging opens the door to current research trends and usage of imaging products, the organization of joint initiatives and common lobbying activities. Achieving this close interaction between industry and research communities boosts innovation in biomedical sciences, strengthens the position of companies which can accelerate new developments to the market and builds a foundation of sustainable industry interactions. To achieve its objectives the Board is supported by the Industry Board Coordinator, who carries out a series activities to systematically strengthen and broaden the Board’s knowledge of imaging research and the two-way dialogue with its stakeholders. 

About Euro-BioImaging

Euro-BioImaging is the pan-European Research Infrastructure for Imaging Technologies in Biological and Biomedical Science. It is an open access resource for all life scientists providing:

• Access to biological and medical imaging technologies in Europe
• Image data repositories and analysis tools
• Training opportunities in imaging

Access to imaging technologies in Euro-BioImaging is provided by 29 „Nodes“, across 11 European countries and at EMBL. These are all facilities with substantial knowledge and expertise in imaging, and they are European leaders in the technologies they are offering. The Nodes offer a powerful portfolio of 36 different state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of biological and medical imaging as well as expertise of imaging applications, methods and model systems.  Click here to see the Node profiles.

Euro-BioImaging is also involved in numerous other initiatives, such as Global BioImaging, EOSC-Life, the BioImage Archive, LifeTime and CORBEL. Close relationship with Euro-BioImaging therefore provides the Industry Board with an easy access point to these European and global initiatives. Likewise, the wider research community has a single entry point in which to converse and collaborate with the imaging industry.

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