Innovation is often facilitated by bringing new techniques, knowledge and applications to a problem. Greater expertise via training can therefore drive new ideas and innovation. Build capacity in imaging expertise amongst the Nodes will also have the added benefit of streamlining user access to technologies within the Euro-BioImaging portfolio. It also has potential to make training for EBIB members more cost efficient

Webinars and on-site trainings

In collaboration with the Euro-BioImaging Hub, we actively identify Node training needs via direct consultation with the Nodes with the aim to facilitate training opportunities in both biological imaging and biomedical imaging. We develop specialized training offers such as

  • technology workshops at suitable Nodes, company training sites or online webinars
  • presentations and demonstrations by companies during Node-organized workshops
  • knowledge exchange workshops on emerging trends imaging and the innovation process


The EBIB will organize at least one Euro-BioImaging stakeholder event annually, either as a satellite to a major imaging conference or as stand-alone meeting at one of our Nodes.

Workshops will be designed around a focus topic selected in consultation with the EBIB members and Euro-BioImaging Nodes and open to a small number of external participants. The events provide an overview over the Euro-BioImaging’s technology portfolio with respect to the selected topic. Euro-BioImaging Nodes will be able to showcase their related capabilities and representatives from EBIB will highlight new technologies and products. EBIB and Node case studies of previous successful industry collaborations will be prioritised for presentation. Workshops will also provide an opportunity for imaging technology providers and academic and commercial users to discuss new technology trends, new user applications and the imaging needs of the scientific community.

2018 – Image Data Workshop, EMBL Heidelberg

2019 – Industry meets Academia, Basel (together with LifeTime)

2021 – Imaging in Drug Development, virtual (planned)

Training resources by our EBIB members

Imaging companies on our Industry Board are committed to providing the best support to imaging facility staff and instrument users. In addition to offering dedicated networking and training activities for Node staff in collaboration with Euro-BioImaging, they also permanently offer a wide range of freely available resources through their own digital channels.

The tables below present an overview over the different platforms for comprehensive training material and product information offered by our Board members from general principles to specific technologies and applications.