Membership benefits

The Board is running a structured membership scheme through which the funding for Board‘s activities is collected. The membership scheme is organized in three levels to accommodate different interests of companies.

Benefits of joining the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board:

• Contact to Euro-BioImaging Imaging research infrastructure, and to over 3000 researchers that are following it
• Contact and meetings with over 120 imaging facilities that are part of Euro-BioImaging
• Interactions with 26 national imaging communities that are closely cooperating with Euro-BioImaging and overview of the funding activities in European countries
• Joint training activities with Euro-BioImaging: general training for researchers new to specific technology, advanced training for experienced users and imaging facilities staff
• Joint lobbying for imaging to national and European funders
• Direct information from Euro-BioImaging Nodes (imaging facilities) about their operation, management and use of technologies
• Feedback from users about their experience with technologies, interesting samples and information about new applications.
• Companies can join the board on different membership levels, and benefit from different levels of interaction with Euro-BioImaging and type of information and service they receive from Euro-BioImaging.

For more information download our Flyer here.