Membership benefits

The Board runs a membership scheme through which the funding for Board‘s activities is collected.

Examples of Industry Board activities and membership benefits include:

  • Streamlined contact to the research infrastructure, Euro-BioImaging, and its 5000 stakeholders
  • Invitation and participation in Euro-BioImaging stakeholder meetings
  • Visibility amongst and interaction with 26 national imaging communities that are closely linked with Euro-BioImaging
  • Joint lobbying for imaging to national and European funders
  • Direct information from Euro-BioImaging Nodes (imaging facilities) about their operation, management and use of technologies
  • Feedback from users about their experience with technologies, interesting samples and information about new applications
  • One-to-one networking opportunities with other imaging companies
  • Industry-driven meetings and workshops to understand the needs of the imaging community
  • Overview of the imaging-associated funding activities in Europe
  • Insight into European research trends and culture changes

Coming in 2020:

  • Embedding the Industry Board into the formal governance structure of Euro-BioImaging
  • Joint training activities with Euro-BioImaging
For more information download our Flyer here.