Working as a single, professional entity and supported by the Industry Board Coordinator, the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board proactively sets its own goals to drive the interaction between the imaging industry and the wider academic research environment for the benefit of European Life Science. The Board’s goals include:

  • Create a platform for industry-science cross collaboration
  • Strengthen communication with imaging technology Users and imaging facilities, enabling timely understanding of Users’ needs
  • Organise “One Voice“ activities to the political community at the national and European level in order to increase bioimaging market
  • Stay up-to-date with use of technology and software at Euro-BioImaging Nodes and needs of researchers
  • Cooperate with Euro-BioImaging Nodes on development and testing of novel technologies
  • Participate in Euro-BioImaging training activities

Upcoming highlights for 2019 include:

  • Participation in Euro-BioImaging’s Bio Nodes meeting, including a dedicated session lead by the Industry Board Coordinator entitled „Technology development and innovation: How to boost imaging product development for the benefit of Nodes and their users?“
  • Industry Board Members‘ meeting to discuss current and future activities and opportunities
  • Participation in Euro-BioImaging’s Med Nodes meeting, including a dedicated session entitled „Interaction with industry: Board-Node expectations“ with presentations from Board members
  • Participation in EMBL-EBI’s workshop to discuss minimal metadata requirements for image data archives
  • Participation in the FET Flagship LifeTime „Industry and Innovation Board“, including networking opportunities with the pharmaceutical and IT sector