EBIB Advisory Panel meets the Euro-BioImaging Directorate

The EBIB Advisory Panel has held its inaugural meeting with the Euro-BioImaging Directorate to discuss the strategy and priorities for the upcoming 6 months. The main focus was on quality management, collaboration on trainings and the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

EBIB Advisory Panel meets the Euro-BioImaging Directorate2021-03-17T10:32:12+00:00

New Industry Board Coordinator

Dr. Claudia Pfander has started her position as new Euro-BioImaging Industry Board Coordinator. She will be working full time as liaison between the Industry Board and the European Research Infrastructure and foster industry-academia collaboration and public private partnerships.

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EBIB is embedded into the governance structure of Euro-BioImaging

Via an open nomination and voting procedure, the EBIB Advisory Panel has formed. The Panel is integrated into the governance structure of Euro-BioImaging. It provides expert, strategic advice from an industry point of view, to the Euro-BioImaging Directorate, giving a stronger voice to the imaging industry.

The Panel’s official Terms of Reference were developed and approved by the Euro-BioImaging Board in December 2019. EBIB members were given an overview of the new Panel, its role, and the opportunity to ask questions at the Board meeting in April 2020. The EBIB Chair has been given the opportunity to represent EBIB and the new Panel at the Euro-BioImaging Board meeting on 5th May 2020.

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Job opportunity: Euro-BioImaging Industry Board Coordinator

This full time position is based at EMBL in Heidelberg. 

For this exciting position between industry and academic research, we are seeking a creative, motivated self-starter who is an excellent communicator and has the ability to confidently represent the EBIB amidst an international network of multiple stakeholders. The ideal candidate will act as an ambassador for the European industry involved in life science imaging, proactively creating a platform for industry – science cross collaboration. The ideal candidate should be ready to take ownership and responsibility of tasks, and maintain a customer-focused, politically astute approach to their work. The deadline to apply is 12 May 2020. Apply here: https://www.embl.org/jobs/position/HD01734/

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Euro-BioImaging Industry Board Coordinator scaled to full time

To achieve the Board’s goals, the EBIB Coordinator carries out a range of activities to promote the two-way dialogue and interaction with EBIB and its stakeholders. For the last three years Kelly Sheehan-Rooney, the current EBIB Coordinator, has worked in a part-time capacity to build up the activities of the Board. The activities of the last three years have been a great success and in recognition of this, the EBIB agreed to scale up the EBIB Coordinator position to full time.

Euro-BioImaging Industry Board Coordinator scaled to full time2021-03-17T10:31:33+00:00

Euro-BioImaging Industry Board votes in its new Chair and Vice-Chair

In October 2019, and with unanimous support from his fellow Board members, Martin Tewinkel of Olympus was voted as the new Chair of the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board. Martin takes up this post following on from his success Vice Chair in previous years. The Board also welcomed Takaharu Sasaoka from Nikon as the new Vice Chair.

The Board gave immense thanks to the previous Chair, Christoph Thumser, for all his help and support over the last years. The Coordinator commented “Christoph was absolutely instrumental in the establishment and successful continuity of the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board in its aim to strengthen imaging research across Europe. I am sad to see him go but wish him best of luck in his new role at Eppendorf and, of course, I am looking forward to working more closely with the new Chairs in these exciting times”.

Euro-BioImaging Industry Board votes in its new Chair and Vice-Chair2021-03-16T15:14:16+00:00
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