Who we are

The Euro-BioImaging Industry Board (EBIB) is a platform for Biological and Biomedical Imaging companies established with the goal to strengthen the standing of imaging industry in Europe. The Board will facilitate interaction between imaging industry, European researchers and imaging facilities linked to Euro-BioImaging.

Close relationship to Euro-BioImaging will open the door to up to date information about current trends in usage of imaging technologies, organization of joint training program and common lobbying activities. Closer interaction of industry with research communities will also boost innovation in biomedical sciences and strengthen the position of companies which can respond faster to new developments on the market.

The Board is open to all companies working in bio- and medical-imaging field to join..


  • Strengthen communication with imaging technology Users and imaging facilities, enabling timely understanding of Users’ needs

  • Organise “One Voice“ activities to the political community at the national and European level in order to increase bioimaging market

  • Stay up-to-date with use of technology and software at Euro-BioImaging Nodes and needs of researchers

  • Participate in Euro-BioImaging training activities

  • Cooperate with Euro-BioImaging Nodes on development and testing of novel technologies

  • Create a platform for industry-science cross collaboration


Where to meet

The Board organizes bi-annual physical meetings to discuss its ongoing and future activities. Companies interested in joining the Board can participate as observers in up to three Board meetings. Please contact the Board coordinator to get more information about the next meeting.

Upcoming conferences in the biological and medical imaging field:

European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM)

20-23 March, 2018
San Sebastian, Spain

European Light Microscopy Initiate (ELMI) Meeting

5-8 June, 2018
Dublin, Ireland


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